Tribute will be paid to former premier Philippe Couillard during leadership convention


Tribute will be paid to former Quebec premier Philippe Couillard on the same weekend his successor is chosen during the Liberal Party leadership convention on May 31 in Quebec City, according to The Canadian Press.

Former Liberal premiers Jean Charest and Daniel Johnson will be invited to attend the event.

Couillard has been very discreet, not taking part in public events and refusing requests for political interviews since he led the worst defeat in the history of the Quebec Liberal Party in 150 years, in October 2018 and walked away from politics.

The new Liberal leader will be announced on Sunday May 31 at 3 p.m. at the Quebec City Convention Centre.

Couillard will be there to pass the torch to his successor.

The future leader will very likely be either Alexandre Cusson or Dominique Anglade, the only two candidates. The likelihood of a third candidate emerging before the March 6 deadline is slim to none.

Longtime Liberal MNA Pierre Arcand has been serving as interim leader since Couillard stepped down.