Two correctional officers injured at Montreal courthouse after man on trial tried to escape from prisoner's box

file photo: Daniel J. Rowe / CTV News Montreal

Two correctional officers were sent to hospital Tuesday after they were injured in a scuffle when a man on trial for attempted murder tried to escape from the prisoner's box at the Montreal courthouse. 

During a brief pause in the trial, the accused managed to smash the plexiglass separating the prisoner’s box from the rest of the court room. He then tried to run towards a door normally used to access an area of the courthouse reserved for judges.

Two correctional officers, a man and a woman, were able to stop him but were injured during a struggle with the man. Within seconds, at least 20 special constables, who are responsible for security at the court house, rushed to the courtroom to assist their colleagues.

The trial was adjourned for the rest of the day.

The union representing the correctional officers expressed anger at what they feel was inadequate security at the courthouse. The incident is now under review to see if safety protocols were followed.

The accused was not handcuffed in the prisoners box, as if often the case in a trial where the suspect needs to take notes. He is expected to face assault charges in the coming days.



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