Two school scenarios being examined by education officials for fall

JF Roberge

When school resumes in the fall Quebec students will be back in class, but how often they are physically there depends on the pandemic.

According to a working document being circulated within the education network the Education Ministry is preparing two scenarios for the next school year.

Plan A, or the ambitious/optimistic plan, would have students of all education levels return to a full five day per week as close to a normal routine as possible. The Ministry makes a note that school transportation could become a major issue. 

For Plan A to work physical distancing measures would need to be relaxed in order for schools, many of which are already overcrowding, to be able to accommodate all students.

If public health officials do not give the OK for the ambitious plan to move forward there is another option.

In Plan B two groups of students would be created and they would return to class on a part-time basis. Children would alternate days in class creating three-day and two-day schools weeks. Without a full-time schedule classes would focus on base education.

Plan B would also require a considerable amount of school work being done at home, potentially putting more stress on families.

In both scenarios students with special needs would return to class 100 per cent of the time.

The Ministry also acknowledges regardless of distancing measures, it would require more cleaning, protective equipment and staff to make either scenario a reality.

Nothing has been finalized and one or both scenarios could still see changes before the fall and the final decision wil be made by Quebec Public Health officials.


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