University of Montreal unveils $350 million science complex in Outremont

The University of Montreal unveiled its new sciences complex Friday - meeting both the $348 million budget and the schedule.

The imposing complex, located in Outremont, includes 190 research laboratories and 16 research chairs.

Premier Francois Legault was at its inauguration, alongside Minister of Economy and Innovation Pierre Fitzgibbon, U of M President Guy Breton, Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante, and many other academics and opposition Liberal MNAs.

À l’inauguration du #CampusMIL! Fière de cette collaboration entre @MTL_Ville et @UMontreal ayant mené à ce projet majeur qui fait le pont entre plusieurs quartiers et qui confirme la réputation de Montréal en tant que ville dynamique, inclusive, de savoir et d’avenir! #polmtl

— Valérie Plante (@Val_Plante) September 20, 2019

The project was launched under the previous Liberal government.

The $350 million complex project was launched thanks to a $145 million injection of funds from the Quebec government, $84 million from Canada and $116 million from the university.

The university funds came mainly from philanthropic donations.

To build the science complex, the land in the area was decontaminated, a water retention pond installed, and streets, parks and a railway bridge built.

The project is part of the vast redevelopment work for the former Outremont Yard.

Legault praised the project emphasizing that he wanted to bring academia and business together to foster innovation.

He spoke of the need to combat a certain culture that opposes university education and business.

"We do not have enough patents per 1,000 citizens," he said, inviting young people to pursue scientific studies.  

J’ai participé aujourd’hui à l’inauguration du complexe des sciences du Campus MIL de l’Université de Montréal.
On doit avoir plus de jeunes au Québec qui choisissent les sciences, les technologies, l’ingénierie parce que c’est beaucoup là que ça se passe l’innovation.

— François Legault (@francoislegault) September 20, 2019

This report by the Canadian Press was first published Sept. 20, 2019.