UPDATE: Wayward whale may be dead


A Saint-Lawrence River ship pilot is reporting this morning that a humpback whale which wandered up the river from the Gulf.... and has spent the past week or so in the Montreal-area  is dead.

Simon Lebrun posted a video online this morning showing a lifeless whale floating off Varennes this morning and has informed the Coast Guard.

A non-profit whale research organization based in Tadoussac says Fisheries and Oceans Canada officials are working to confirm that the carcass is that of the humpback whale.

Marie-Eve Mueller, a spokesperson with the Marine Mammal Interpretation Centre (GREMM) in Tadoussac says there is "high probability" it is the same whale that was seen in Montreal and they have applied for a permit to conduct the necropsy along with officials from the Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine of the Université de Montréal.

Mueller says if granted, processes and procedures will be done with COVID 19 in mind because".... we're in a pandemic situation so we also need to take measures to ensure human security around the spot for the people working on that case so there is a lot of logistical things to figure out".