Ville Marie tunnel repairs scheduled to take a decade

Construction on the Ville Marie tunnel is scheduled to take 10 years, and will take place on the roadway, ventilation system, electrical and other areas.

The Ville Marie tunnel's seriously needed repairs are coming, and they're set to take 10 years.

Some repairs will be on the road surface itself, while extensive work needs to be done in other areas of the tunnel.

The tunnel's massive ventilation that takes emissions out of the tunnel needs work, and crews are planning to change out the rusted electrical system, which is in dire need of repairs.

The city is also shoring up two pumping stations to keep the tunnel dry from precipitation.

 Closures are to be expected throughout the work, but officials said they will try to keep them to the weekends.

"We will take all the actions possible to reduce as much as possible the impact on circulation," said Quebec minister responsible for Montreal Chantal Rouleau.

Stretches of St. Urbain St. and St. Laurent Blvd. that pass over the tunnel will also be closed at various times during the work.  


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