Warm weather will have police cracking down on physical distancing violations

Montreal police won't get less strict on physical distancing violations despite the impending re-opening of schools and some businesses.

Police officials said with more people will be out of their homes, adhering to physical distancing rules will become more important to controlling COVID-19.

Police urged Montrealers to refrain from holding events like backyard barbecues, saying consuming alcoholc could have a negative effect on judgment when it comes to distancing.

SPVM spokesperson Andre Durocher said police went easy on Saturday, choosing to mostly issue warnings rather than fines.

“Maybe if we have a second day like this, it's going to be different,” he said. “Today was the first one, people really needed to let that steam off. As far as our officers, they will handle it with all the judgment that's required. This is a public health issue, not a police issue. We're here to support public health authorities and the decisions they're making. People should respect the guidelines not to make the SPVM happy but for themselves.” 


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