Was it a drug deal gone wrong? Pointe-Claire murder trial digs into surveillance footage

An unusual 2018 slaying that took place in broad daylight -- and was captured on surveillance video -- is now before the courts in Montreal.

Tommy Dugas, 34, appears to have been the victim of a drug deal gone wrong on a Saturday afternoon in June 2018. The incident took place in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn in Pointe-Claire.

The suspect on trial is 51-year-old Jerome Latham, who is pleading not guilty to the second-degree murder charge.

Latham admitted he had an altercation with the victim -- an incident caught on camera.

The prosecution claims that Dugas was supposed to buy two kilograms of cocaine from Latham for $75,000.

Dugas left Fairview Shopping Centre with a man named Sebastien Solarek, who was allegedly acting as a middle man in the transaction.

The camera shows Dugas and Latham meeting in the parking lot. A few minutes later, Dugas can be seen stumbling out and walking a few feet before collapsing to the ground.

A few minutes later, the suspect returns to the crime scene, running to Dugas and frisking him as if looking for something. He finds nothing and leaves the scene in a hurry. 

A family witnessed the events and called 911.

The autopsy later showed that Dugas was hiding $20,000 in his underwear.

The victim's friend went to police and told them what had transpired. It led to Solarek’s arrest a few days later. He in turn guided authorities to Latham, who was hiding in Ontario.

The jury trial began this week, and the defence hasn’t laid out its strategy so far.



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