WATCH: A bit of a stink over a promise to go pink

Pink Line

This week Projet Montreal leader Valerie Plante promised if she's elected the next Mayor of Montreal she would create a 29 station metro line connecting Montreal-North and Lachine by 2028, calling it the pink line.

When asked about it Denis Coderre laughed it off, calling it a joke fit for just for laughs.

"It's totally unrealistic to say that by 2028, you know we've been waiting for decades, I'm from Montreal-North, we will realize the blue line because we've been doing our homework and because we've been working with the government of Quebec with the new regional agency that I contribute to put in place" Coderre told CTV Montreal.

"Let's be frank here, it'll never happen. You cannot say that. There's other things that we can do. First the Blue line, then through the planning we're talking about to finish the Orange line."

Coderre brushed off Plante's claim the project would cost six billion dollars, and will be a simple negotiation, adding "let's be serious please, it won't happen."

As for Plante, she thought Coderre's comments were an insult to Montrealers.

"This is like laughing at Montrealers dealing with day-to-day problems, being stuck in traffic, not being able to get in the bus. He's laughing at Montrealer's right now and I think this is unacceptable, he should apologize" Plante told CTV Montreal.

She fired back, saying when there's a political will there is a way. 

"This is something that Montrealers are really attached, and that is what they really want. They want to make sure they can go from one place to another" Plante said. "And why we are proposing this vision for better mobility right now is also because we have some money that is available from the Quebec and Federal level for infrastructure, so the momentum is there and we've got to take it."


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