WATCH: CJAD 800 talk show host Tommy Schnurmacher announces his retirement after 40 years on the air


Tommy Schnurmacher is hanging up his headphones and calling it a career after 40 years in broadcasting, more than half of them on CJAD 800.

Schnurmacher made the surprise announcement during his noon hour show with the Gang of Four panel, breaking the news to panelists including afternoon host Natasha Hall who could not help but get a little teary as the veteran broadcaster bid goodbye to a career than began with chatting about entertainment on CHOM and then doing the same on CJFM, CKGM and CIQC which has since gone off the air. He began hosting his own show on CJAD in 1996.


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Mazel tov, Tommy! But it's too soon, I'm shocked!

— Dan Delmar (@DanDelmar) November 24, 2017

"As I take leave of CJAD, some might see it as retiring. I see it more as rewiring," said Schnurmacher, his voice breaking later during his announcement as he listed co-workers he said he'd miss.

Schnurmacher's retirement comes after pretty much doing it all.

"A talk show host, an author, a gossip columnist, a social columnist, a film critic, I even played James Levine in an absolutely horrible movie called 2001: A Space Travesty," said Schnurmacher.

Gripes gang has gripe: Tommy Schnurmacher hanging up headphones for good Dec 13. Have happy retirement. No return to taffeta either.

— Bill Brownstein (@billbrownstein) November 24, 2017

But it was time.

"I'd been contemplating it for a long, long time and put it off, put if off," said Schnurmacher in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

Schnurmacher said during his show that he'd caught the globe-trotting  bug and wanted more time to travel.

"It's been a great run and I feel just ike Edith Piaf," concluded Schnurmacher on the air.

"I don't regret a bit of it."

An icon and a mensch. He will be incredibly missed. #Montreal #YUL #media

— Carmi Levy (@carmilevy) November 24, 2017

Schnurmacher's last show will be on Dec. 13. He'll be finishing his novel and doing, of course,  more travelling. 

"You never know, you might see me dancing on Instagram at various locations and monuments around the world," said Schnurmacher.

"There's no telling what I'll do."

Bon voyage, mon ami @talkradiotommy. It won't be the same without your pithy wit and biting sarcasm around here! Enjoy your very well deserved retirement. @CJAD800

— Robyn Flynn (@robynlisaflynn) November 24, 2017

It was an honour and a privilege to serve as @talkradiotommy's last Technical Director. Thank you Tommy.

— Jay Farrar (@TheFarrarSide) November 24, 2017