WATCH: Learn how to make Jagmeet Singh's Punjabi Poutine

Punjabi Poutine

No matter if his party is able to pull off an incredible upset or fades into obscurity after Monday's federal election results, one thing is certain: Jagmeet Singh should have his own cooking show.

The leader of the federal New Democratic Party took some time over the Thanksgiving long weekend to invite Canadians into his kitchen to share his culturally diverse poutine recipe.

"I'm blending Quebec with Punjabi background, do a mashup which is going to be my take on poutine, Punjabi-Quebec styles," Singh said.



(For those interested in recreating the Punjabi Poutine, Mr. Singh was nice enough to share the full recipe with directions after public demand ... it's available below)

In the video, Singh explains to Eat with Jagmeet contest winner Rashmi Patel that he's been interested in Quebec and the province's culture for a long time.

"A teacher kind of got, he kind of taught me a bit about Quebec and opened my mind up to the fact that what happened to the people of Quebec and like Francophones in Canada that inspired me to say 'You know what? I'm going to learn French," he said. "I just kind of like told my parents that I wanted to get into it more."

The poutine is definitely a unique take on the classic Quebec dish. Singh uses cubed sweet potatoes stir fried in coconut oil and fresh cheese curds "so it's still got the squeaky squeaky." 

The gravy is actually a curry.

"The curry is basically what the base of any Punjabi dish would be - onion, garlic, ginger and some other Punjabi spices."

The final result may not look like anything you'll find in your favourite casse-croûte joint, but it did get rave reviews from Singh's solo audience member.