WATCH: Liberals pledge $7 million in new money for anglos


Kathleen Weil, the Couillard government's minister responsible for anglos, was in Verdun Tuesday morning to announce a new program designed to bolster the English speaking community’s access to services.

She announced $6.9 million will be distributed over three years to four organizations:

  • $5.7 million will go to the Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN), which will transfer the money to local organization with mandates to strengthen community development and health care.
  • $400,000 will go to Literacy Quebec (LQ), which works to empower local literacy centers across the province.
  • $400,000 will go to Seniors Action Quebec (SAQ) to provide services to seniors in English
  • $400,000 will go to the English Language Art Network (ELAN) to help build momentum for Quebec’s English-speaking artists.

Weil told members of the anglo community in Verdun that her main goal with these programs is keep young English-speaking Quebecers in the province.

“We want you to feel it’s your home here,” she said. “We want to support you in your dream to have you own children and grandchildren grow up here.”

The announcement is part of a $25 million commitment made in the last budget to support anglos province-wide.

Weil says she hopes the announcement today will inspire other community organizations will come forward and propose new community vitality projects.


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