WATCH: Provincial dangerous dog legislation to be tabled in the spring: premier

Philippe Couillard (

Premier Couillard touched on a number of topics in an interview with CJAD 800.

Among other things, he said the dangerous dog legislation his government will introduce in the spring won't be the same as Montreal's new bylaw.

He added the provincial law will not be breed specific, unlike the city bylaw, naming pitbulls and pitbull type dogs.

He also said dog owners need to be held accountable for what their dogs do.

"You have to go after owners, you have to be responsible. If you're responsible for a pet, you're responsible for its behavior", he said.

As well, according to the premier, his office is recruiting someone to oversee the government's relations with the anglophone community. 

Couillard has rejected the idea of a Ministry for Anglophone Affairs as the PQ had when it was in power because it would have the appearance of creating two types of Quebecers.