EF2 tornado confirmed to have hit Uxbridge community

A state of emergency is in effect in Uxbridge four days after a powerful weekend storm wreaked havoc, downing power lines, destroying property and ripping trees from the ground.

A team with Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) investigated the damage after Saturday's "devastating derecho."

The NTP team said preliminary results indicate a "long, narrow path of enhanced damage, up to EF2 in intensity, was identified."

It noted the storm's maximum wind speeds of 195km/h at 1:15 p.m.

Jennifer Matts said she was home when the winds picked up on Saturday and, within seconds, snapped her 150-year-old walnut tree like a twig.

She said she pushed her son out of harm's way as the tree crashed into her living room, sending glass showering down on top of her.

"A second in either direction, and it could have been a different outcome," she said.

Heather Schwartz said she was out for a walk when the storm suddenly rolled in.

"Half of these trees don't even belong here. They just blew here," she said.

Jill McMillan and her husband are picking up what's left of their flattened sunroom after having moved into their Uxbridge home just 32 days ago.

"Pretty heartbroken, but you know, we're safe. This is stuff, and stuff can be replaced."

Uxbridge Mayor Dave Barton said the situation remains dire but noted he's thankful there weren't any deaths in the township.

Meanwhile, crews are working to restore power to thousands of residents.


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