West Coast wildfire smoke blows into southern Quebec

smoke pooja chadee ctv

By Lori Graham, CTV News Montreal Weather Specialist

Smoke from the extreme wildfires burning on the U.S. West Coast has travelled thousands of kilometres and reached southern Quebec.

Montreal residents woke up to hazy skies Tuesday morning, amazed that the smoke travelled such distances.

"It is solely smoke you’re seeing right now over Montreal," said Simon Legault of Environment and Climate Change Canada. "There is no clouds, just smoke, so it’s impressive!"

The jetstream is carrying smoke from wildfires on the West Coast, across the country, high in the atmosphere. Most of Quebec, except northern regions like Cote-Nord, and a large part of the U.S. are experiencing this phenomenon.

Unlike the West Coast, the haze in the east is still high up in the atmosphere and has not had an impact on air quality. The air quality in Montreal is considered "good" whereas the much of the West Coast is at "very unhealthy" or "hazardous" levels. 

The hazy conditions are likely to persist in Montreal until Wednesday night, when a front is expected to push through and bring a few showers. 


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