West Island motorists rally to help gas station stuck with hefty Bo Pelouse bill


The news that a West Island snow removal company suddenly went out of business just before New Year's has led to a spike in business for a gas station on Donegani Ave. in Pointe-Claire.

On Dec. 30, the Bo Pelouse company suddenly announced it was going under. Just two days before, the company filled up its entire fleet of vehicles with $4,800 worth of diesel fuel, leaving the Sonic station's owner, Frank Mancuso, stuck with the hefty bill.

Since then, word of Mancuso's plight made it to social media, and now, West Islanders are going out of their way to fill up at his station.

He says over the past week, business has been much brisker than usual.

"I'm more than happy that people actually care in our community," Mancuso told CJAD 800. "We've definitely seen an increase in sales, I'd say maybe about 15 to 20 per cent. Every little bit helps."

Gas stations, however, don't make $4,800 in profits overnight, and Mancuso says at this rate, it'll take months before he can make that money back.

"Our profit margin on gas is minimal. We get two and a half cents per litre, and that's gross," Mancuso says. "Before you can make up that kind of a loss, it could take six months, easily."

Mancuso says he's done business with Bo Pelouse for about 20 years, and feels some empathy for the company's owner, Marc Guindon — despite the fact the company's sudden closure has put him out thousands of dollars.

He says he's now exploring ways of recuperating the money he's owed.