What are you doing for New Year's Eve? Nothing, hopefully, say Quebec police

The message has been loud and clear for weeks: there might have been some flip-flops around Christmas, but gathering outside your household on Near Year's Eve is verboten in Quebec.

The urgency around preventing COVID-19 transmission only grew today as the province broke yet another daily record, announcing 2,819 new cases in the last 24 hours, and 62 more deaths.

But there were still a lot of long lineups today around Montreal, at an SAQ, a market fishmonger and grocery stores.

Police are promising to crack down heavily on any signs of gatherings.

But people lined up told CTV News that they're on the same page -- everyone interviewed said they were there to prepare for their own households' evenings and for the new lockdown. They also thought others were respecting the rules.

"I tend to trust people to just do what's right and stay at home with their family and just enjoy the evening as best they can," said one person.

What are you doing tonight? Tweet pics of your pandemic New Year's Eve to @CTVMontreal and watch the video above to see the scene outside one SAQ.


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