What's open and closed this Victoria Day?

open closed

Obviously, this Victoria Day will be unlike any other that has come before, with most of the usual places to gather, play, or do business still shuttered because of the ongoing lockdowns.

However, there are still a few places you can do business.

Some drug stores and grocery stores will remain open everywhere, as they have been throughout the pandemic. Your local gas station, dépanneur, SAQ and SQDC store should be open, as should most restaurant takeout services.

The rule of thumb here is, if it's an essential business that's been open since the crisis began, there's an excellent chance it'll be open for business on the holiday.

If Monday is your usual garbage day, it is on in the city of Montreal, and should be on in your town or city, though you may want to double-check with the 3-1-1 hotline in case there are exceptions. The city's Ecocentres will also remain open.

You will still be able to email the city of Montreal about various other city services, as you normally would, though don't expect an answer to your query before Tuesday.

Buses, metros and commuter trains will still run, but on modified schedules.


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