What to do this weekend, June 7-9

Big O
Sarah Deshaies produces the Andrew Carter Morning Show. Every Friday at 8:20am, she tells you about the big, quirky and off-the-beaten-path events happening in Montreal. Here is this week's list, with links for more information so you can get out and enjoy the city! Submit your event to sarah.deshaies@bellmedia.ca


Welcome the First Friday of 2019! The biggest food truck gathering in Canada returns to the Big O...a late start as the first First Friday was cancelled in May due to rain. But the sun will be shining today! Chow down on everything from poutine to tacos, churros to crepes, and when you're full, check out one of the game sites and bop your head to DJ mixes. 4 to 11pm, on the Esplanade at the Olympic Stadium. 


The Grand Prix has finally pulled into town! Tickets for general admission and some packages are still available. If you want to relax after the races, or get in on the party vibes without having to go down the track, check out the cars, parties and fun on Peel and Crescent Streets.  


Immersive show Through The Echoes has opened at the PY1 Pyramid in the Old Port (next to the Clock Tower). It's a trippy music, sound and visual show that runs just under an hour, complimented by thoughtful sound bites from Zen philosopher Alan Watts, and a wink to the Beatles. There's no 'beginning, middle and end' story to follow, but it's a sprawling tribute to life, nature and technology that is meant to be taken in with all your sense as you lie on the floor of the pyramid. (There are pillows, as well as chairs for those who need them.) For ages 8 and up. There will also be adult-only theme nights with DJ sets. The show runs until the end of summer. 

The 29th annual Montreal Fringe Festival offers up a smorgasbord of eclectic DIY shows, from theatre, comedy, performance art, puppetry to clowning. Dozens of short performances will take place over venues all over the Plateau... from a puppet show using carrots as a metaphor of the messiness of existence, to site-specific The Trophy Hunt, to Atrocities R Us, by a BC artist who improvises her show about radical vulnerability while in the nude. Dear Jax is performed by a Montrealer telling the story of his mother: after her death from demntia, the family found a cache of letters she had penned seeking advice from a paranormal being. And storyteller-choreographer extraordinaire Stephanie Morin-Robert brings her one-year-old baby, Olive, onstage with her in new piece, Eye Candy

The Fringe also takes over Parc des Amériques up on Rachel and St Laurent, with a beer tent, hot dog stand and several free music shows all weekend. Meanwhile, the Main is shutting down for the summer street fair. Grab a mango and some paella and stroll through great deals on clothing and other kitschy finds up and down the main drag. 


Further south down St Laurent, urban art gets its due with the seventh Mural Festival: it spotlights the existing murals that line the Main, with great walking tours, free music shows between Milton and Prince Arthur and new art installations to be experienced. The latter includes a big LED light work by Spanish artist Spidertag, at Saint Laurent and Mont Royal, supposedly a first for North America. And American artist Joshua Vides will be painting a car wash and a car. 


And if theatre, racing and murals are not your thing, why not seek out somethin completely different, as Eureka Festival celebrates science and innovation for the 12th year running!  Check out over 100 free activities at the Montreal Science Centre in the Old Port, like molecular ice cream, a gyroscopic windsurfer and hoverboard demonstrations. 


The very talented Gregory Charles will cover the past 250 years in Western music, from Beethoven and beyond, in both languages in a stunning new solo show. He opens the Montreal Chamber Music Festival at Pollack Hall (McGill campus, 555 Sherbrooke) on Friday. 


Toronto rock duo Death from Above performs at the Corona Theatre on Sunday.   


Adam Sandler yuks it up at the Bell Centre on Saturday, with our new friend Rob Schneider opening for him. And from new digs to ol' stomping grounds: ex-Montrealer and polyglot comic Daniel Tirado headlines at The Comedy Nest on Friday and Saturday. 


Seven ways to sin, seven ways to strip! The Wiggle Room hosts a burlesque soirée themed on The Seven Deadly Sins on Friday, 9pm. Dancers include Baron Von Styck, Queeny Ives and Dory LaDrag. 


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