Why Trudeau's Trump jokes won't affect Canadian-U.S.A relations

It was a busy week for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

After a clip of the PM gossiping about American president Donald Trump with other world leaders went viral, the clip ended up being used in an ad for Democratic Party nominee hopeful Joe Biden.

McGill University Political Science professor Daniel Beland said he doesn’t believe the trash talk will have any long-term effects on Canadian-American relations.

“I don’t think it’s that damaging. It’s not just Trudeau, there were other leaders like Boris Johnson who were laughing as well,” he said. “(Trump) is used to it, even if he doesn’t like it. Right now he has to face impeachment so he has bigger fish to fry than Justin Trudeau.”

That was followed by Thursday’s Throne Speech, which included olive branches to the New Democratic Party. However Conservative leader Andrew Scheer called the speech “an insult to the West.”

“I think he’s the leader of the official opposition so it’s his job to criticize the Throne Speech,” said Beland. ”He was quite bold and he’s still fighting for his leadership within the Conservative Party. I think for him it’s a way to defend his leadership.”

For more political analysis, watch the video above. 


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