Will this super-cheesy video bring tourists to Montreal? The tourism office apparently hopes so


A new video done for and promoted by Tourisme Montreal hopes to lure tourists to Montreal in the winter months — but it's generating a lot of buzz for the wrong reasons.

Since the tourism office unveiled the song 'Reviens-Moi' by Quebec singer Mathieu Samson on French-language TV last Saturday, it was liked 153 times on YouTube (as of 3:30 p.m. Monday) — but disliked 224 times. And many of the comments denounced it as cheesy — or worse.

"Hahahaha Tourism Montreal has a sense of humor!!!" wrote on commenter.

"Gives you the urge to visit Toronto," wrote another.

Most took note of the song's schmaltziness, others pointed out the word "Montreal" is never even mentioned once.

Still others pointed out that an ad for a video designed to bring tourists to the city shouldn't be in French only.

Even Mayor Valerie Plante was surprised with the video.

"I saw it like everybody else and I was like 'Huh. Okay, that's interesting.' It's kind of like very different than we're used to," the mayor said, pointing out that it's getting people talking, at the very least.

And by the way, if you pay taxes in Montreal, you paid for this thing, at least a little — the campaign cost anywhere from $350,000 to $400,000, and Tourisme Montreal gets 9 per cent of its funding from city hall.