Wines, spirits just got a little more expensive at the SAQ


Hundreds of items at the SAQ got slightly more expensive on Monday.

The provincially-run liquor board raised prices on 1,246 types of wine and spirits from anywhere between five cents and $7.25 — an average of roughly 25 cents per bottle.

Most wine bottles that cost less than $20 will see a five to 15 cent increase, while a quart of Jack Daniel's will go up 25 cents to $48.75, and a quart of Absolut Vodka will go up 50 cents to $38.75.

A 750 mL bottle of Hennessy XO cognac will now set you back $304.50 — up $7.25.

SAQ officials say suppliers are allowed to adjust their prices twice a year, in November and May. This time around, they are citing a variety of reasons, including rising production costs, an increase in the federal excise tax and currency fluctuations.

They note that 69 of its products actually went down in price, while the prices of 1,400 others didn't change.