You might be in line for a big raise in 2020: employers' group


Quebec's main employers' group, the Conseil du Patronat, says you can expect a big raise over the coming year — and the province's ongoing labor shortage may have something to do with it.

The CPQ released the results of its annual survey on salaries this morning, and it suggests Quebec's bosses would increase the salaries of their employees by an average of around 2.8 per cent in 2020.

Employers in some areas, like the technology sector, may hike salaries higher than that. 

Over the last few years, average increases have been over 2 per cent, and in some cases, well over 2 per cent.

The group's CEO, Yves-Thomas Dorval, says the ongoing — and unprecedented — labor shortage in the province is what's been driving up salaries in recent years.

"The employers have never had this experience in the past in Quebec," Dorval says. "We've had surpluses for so many years."

The shortage, he adds, is making it more difficult for bosses to attract top talent, driving up salaries as a result.

The potential wage gains for 2020 would be higher than the rate of inflation, and are comparable to increases elsewhere in Canada.