YOUR STORY: Cancer biopsy postponed: agonizing wait for Montreal-area man


A La Prairie man who had his prostate cancer biopsy postponed in March due to the COVID-19 situation said he is very worried after getting no news about when it'll be rescheduled. 

Johan's biopsy was postponed two days before it was scheduled at Charles-Le Moyne Hospital, something he was waiting for since last fall.

"I was very upset, disappointed," said Johan, who reached out to

"I'm still waiting, I don't know when it's going to be - another three months or six months? In the meantime, it could be worse for me and I'm sure it has been bad or tragic for some others."

Johan, who preferred to give only his first name, said he is also waiting on an MRI. An ultrasound for his heart was also postponed last week.

The regional health authority said in a statement to CJAD 800 that seven cancer surgeries have been cancelled since March 13 but that some of them have since been completed or in the process of being completed.  It also said that other treatments are done on a priority basis.

The Quebec Health Ministry said that they have issued directives to ensure proper follow-ups and that delays are not excessive.

Dr. Martin Champagne, president of  the Association of Hematologists and Oncologists of Quebec said they should schedule outpatient surgery where possible, adding that the uncertain COVID-19 situation could reset everything to zero.

"We're just about to resume our activities everywhere but it will remain difficult as we're dealing with outbreaks," said Champagne.

"We're in a very fragile situation right now."

Champagne and other health officials say that anyone who is concerned about their diagnosis, treatments or any symptoms should call their doctor. 

Johan said the waiting is agonizing, made all the worse by declarations by Quebec's premier and his health minister that surgeries and other medical treatments should be restarting slowly.

"Too slow. They should have a balance - thinking of people like me or even worse than me who need to have these biopsies, procedures or even operations. We are the forgotten ones," said Johan.

"I can't sleep - I'm thinking of the worst."


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