YOUR STORY: Concerns over anti-mask flyers in NDG


An NDG woman said she's concerned about anti-mask flyers being distributed in her neighbourhood. 

Patti Gervais said she found the unsigned bilingual flyers Monday night on the windshields of her car and those of her neighbours. 

The flyers say things such as, Know your risks and Know your rights and question the effectiveness of face masks as well as cite information as facts from websites, including one calling it "the alleged COVID-19 pandemic." The information contradicts recommendations from organizations such as the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Health Canada which advise wearing non-medical masks in public places where physical distancing is difficult so as to avoid spreading COVID-19.

Gervais, a cancer survivor for the past two years, said spreading this kind of information as fact is dangeous.

"I'm undergoing numerous cycles of chemo treatment currently. I wear a mask and those around me are wearing masks out of respect for me," said Gervais, who reached out to

"It's a little scary. I can protect myself but there a lot of other people out there who may take this verbatim and say, Yeah, I'm not wearing a mask because the flyer said it, I don't need to and I need to protect myself and my own rights."

Borough mayor Sue Montgomery has said she doesn't know who printed and handed out the flyers.


Patti Gervais


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