YOUR STORY: False alarms as mistakes appear on Quebec government's list of schools with COVID cases


The Quebec government's list of schools with cases of COVID appears to have some mistakes which are making some parents who contacted a little worried about its reliability. 

Some parents at Heritage Regional High School in St. Hubert were frantically contacting the school asking why it appeared on the Quebec government's of schools with at least one case of COVID when they weren't even informed. 

The Riverside School Board told CJAD 800 they have no such COVID case at Heritage Regional High, explaining that public health apologized which said "it was a school name mix-up."

The board said they will always inform parents once they receive a confirmation letter from public health.

Over at the Des Affluents school services centre in the Lanaudière, they had to reassure parents on Facebook about similar errors - only two out of ten schools on the list had confirmed COVID cases.

Cases were reported at schools in the Saguenay on the government list but they were also mistakes.

CJAD 800 is awaiting an explanation from the health ministry about the errors.


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