YOUR STORY: Forced relocation of Verdun seniors: COVID outbreaks at replacement homes


Families of loved ones being forced to move from their Verdun long term care home are even more concerned now that some of the replacement residences have reported COVID outbreaks. 

As first reported by CJAD 800 three weeks ago, 22 residents living on the first floor of the CHSLSD Champlain have to move to make way for short term care patients.

The regional health agency responsible for the long term care home said it's the only one in their sector where all their rehabilitation services are located.

The families were offered four places where they could move their loved ones but now COVID outbreaks have hit two of them -  Centre d'hébergement Réal-Morel and Centre d'hébergement Manoir de Verdun. The outbreak has since ended at the latter.

Marc Bessette, responsible for ambulatory services at the Centre-Sud regional health agency, said that when they told the families about the move earlier this month, there were no COVID outbreaks at those residences.

Bessett stressed they won't force families to move into residences with ongoing outbreaks. He reassures families they'll wait until outbreaks run their course before residents can move in, insisting they've put in place many infection control measures.

Some families tell CJAD 800 NEWS they are also frustrated because they found out one residence is not allowing in-person visits though they were told it would be possible and that another has no space left.

The health agency said it's possible that other families are taking up spots because the November deadline to choose is approaching. The residents are being asked to move out by mid-December.

The health agency said they will cover moving costs and provide support for residents.


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