YOUR STORY: Part-timer speaks out on being shunted aside in favour of fast-tracked orderlies


A part-time patient attendant is speaking out about having to train new fast-tracked orderlies who are expected to get first crack at full time jobs. 

"Stephanie", who wants to protect her identity and her job, said that it's not fair that new orderlies appear to be favoured for permanent positions.

The Legault government set up a plan in June to train and hire 10,000 patient attendants to work in long-term care homes in a bid to prepare for a possible second COVID-19 wave.

"(Quebec Premier) Legault has promised these students one year contracts, guaranteed ten days, so full time," said Stephanie in an interview on the Aaron Rand Show.

Stephanie said after six years on the job, if she wants that contract it comes with strings attached such as lower pay than what the new orderlies are getting and being moved around in shifts and institutions. 

"I'm trying to fight. I would love to have a full time (job). I've been there for a long time, six years. I've been working for the past four months in the COVID red zone unit and I'm fighting for my rights.  I won't just roll over," said Stephanie who reached out to

Jeff Begley, president of the Federation of Health and Social Services for the CSN union which represents many orderlies said they're in talks with employers.

"To try and get things organized so that they respect the people that are coming as well as the people who have done this, in many cases, for a number of years," Begley told CJAD 800.

"We're going to be surveying the situation very closely and we're going to make sure there's a respect for the PABs (préposés aux bénéficiaires) that are already in place."

Begley said there is room to create enough full time jobs for both experienced part-timers and newcomers.

To add insult to injury, Stephanie said she has to train the students for five dollars a day.

"It's become very discouraging to come to work and you know, it's hard," said Stephanie.

"We've had a long, hard four months and we felt that we've given our all to the healthcare system and this is how we're treated? Where does the loyalty lie?"

CJAD 800 is awaiting comment from the health ministry.


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