YOUR STORY: Protecting temporary foreign workers: new Quebec law prompts lawsuit, complaints

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Quebec's new law to better protect temporary foreign workers recruited by job placement agencies is prompting complaints from those same agencies, including some smaller ones who can't afford to pay the thousands of dollars in new fees.

Vijayant Singh's employment agency in Montreal has been open for almost five years. He now has to pay a one-time $15,000 deposit plus recurring fees of over $1700 for a permit every two years - the deadline is this week.

"They said if you cannot, then you are out of business," said Singh who reached out to

"It's hard. I'm not a very big agency with thousands of people. I only have 22 people in my company."

Singh agrees they have to crack down on fly-by-night agencies but...

"That means all honest people are guilty, that we have to pay for them?" said Singh.

"What did I do wrong that I'm slapped with $15,000? That's my question."

Other larger agencies including subcontractors are contesting the new rules in court saying they're vague and hard to apply.

"It's unapplicable as it is now -  it's very complex, it has a great amount of unambiguity, uncertainty," said Norma Kozhaya, chief economist for the Conseil du Patronat, Quebec's largest employers group.

"It's very burdensome, very costly, very complicated."

The Conseil du Patronat wants the labour minister to delay the rollout of the new rules tso they can be revised.

CJAD 800 is awaiting comment from the labour minister.


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