YOUR STORY: She wants mom's non-COVID19 death at CHSLD counted as pandemic "collateral damage"


A Montreal woman is speaking out publicly after her mother died last week in a long term care home in Montreal North where 91 residents have died, most of them of COVID-19.

"I'm angry, I'm consumed by it. The past week, I've been consumed (by it) - that's all I'm thinking of, I'm not functional," said "Chris" who reached out to

Chris, who wanted to protect her identity and her family, said she was shocked when the Résidence Angelica called her last Tuesday saying her mother had died, even though they had told her every day she was ok. 

Her mother never tested positive for COVID 19. Chris said they noticed the staff shortage and decline in care and couldn't get any straight answers.

"Was my mother fed? Was she hydrated? Did she take her medication? Was her medication given to her?" said Chris.

Chris said it's been like pulling teeth to find out what happened to her mother who she suspects may have suffered from lack of proper care.

"I realize she was of a certain age but to me it wasn't her time," said Chris.

She added what was most painful was her mother died a day after visits were permitted but the residence wasn't ready to open to caregivers yet.

"If they had opened, I would have been able to see my mother (before she died)," said Chris.

The administration insists care and services live up to the standards set out for the past 50 years. 

They also say that normally, they see about 200 deaths every year at the residence and at 32 non-COVID deaths right now since the end of this past March, the numbers are about the same.

Chris said she wants to make sure her mother's death is accounted for and not just listed under natural causes.

"I want these people to be counted as collateral damage of this COVID 19 pandemic situation and I'm afraid they're not being counted," said Chris.

"I want them to be counted -  I don't want their deaths to be unnoticed."

Chris said it's not the staff's fault because they are doing the best with the little they have but she does assign blame.

"Yes - the government and down the chain," said Chris.

"This should not have happened."


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