YOUR STORY: STM commuters fed up with bus delays, considering lawsuit


Some STM bus riders in NDG say they've had enough of packed and late buses on their route and they're even considering suing.

"Just yesterday, we (had) about six to seven buses that had passed and we can't even get on them," said Carla Da Costa.

Da Costa said that's the reality she and about 50 of her fellow commuters have been dealing with for the past year during rush hours on the 90 and 104 bus routes. 

And that makes them late for work and for Da Costa, late to pick up her son at daycare where she's charged late fees.

"There's been many times where I've had to exceed the limits because I get to him too late because of the bus and nobody's paying for those late fees," said Da Costa, who contacted

Da Costa said even leaving home earlier hasn't helped. And after dealing with this last winter, she said she and her fellow commuters don't want to go through it again.

"We actually end up walking to the metro after having waited 30-35 minutes, sometimes longer," said Da Costa.

"When it's minus 40 degree weather outside -  we are freezing."

The STM told CJAD 800 that more buses wouldn't help because roadwork along the routes makes the buses late and full. 

Not good enough, said Da Costa. They're thinking about a class action lawsuit.

"Somebody out there has got to plan ahead for these things and somebody is obviously not doing their job very well," said Da Costa.

"This is an essential service we're talking about. We're paying for a service that we're not getting. In any other business, this wouldn't be acceptable. Why is that for the transportation service, it's ok? It's not."