YOUR STORY: Vanier downplays claims of pending increased class sizes this fall


Vanier College is downplaying allegations that the CEGEP is planning to increase class sizes this fall. 

A source who wished to remain anonymous out of fear over losing their job told it's seen as a cost-saving measure, "despite the possible future implications of COVID-19 and that the incoming students will have had less class time in their final semesters of high school than any before them."

Vanier Director General John McMahon said it may well be rumour and speculation that are fueling allegations that at least two faculties were told to expect larger class sizes involving incoming graduating high school students. 

"There could be some internal workload issues that Vanier as any other college is dealing with at this time of year in terms of our planning processes and so there may be discussions underway right now but there have been no definitive decisions in that regard," said McMahon in an interview with CJAD 800.

"I'm not aware of any direct link between the situation created by the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on the high schools and the relationship between class sizes at (the) college. I'm not aware of any direct correlation in that regard."

McMahon insists class sizes and workloads would have to be mapped out according to Collective Agreement processes and involve the academic administration and departments, unions and human resources.


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