YOUR STORY: West Island health authority obliging employees to sign COVID screening form


The West Island regional health authority is now sending out COVID screening forms to all its employees to demonstrate that they have no COVID symptoms before going to work - if they fail to meet criteria, they wouldn't be allowed into its facilities, CJAD 800 has learned.

A source tells that the document was sent out after a Lakeshore General employee recently tested positive. The regional health authority would only say that for privacy reasons, fewer than five workers did.

The form obtained by CJAD 800 asks employees to go through a long list of COVID symptoms before every shift.

By signing the document, the employee confirms they don`t have COVID symptoms and haven't been in contact with anyone who has the virus. They also agree to contact the health authority and managers if they have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has COVID.

The document is signed once but is good until April 30 of next year. It also says if the second wave hasn't ended by then, employees willl get a new form.

The health authority said they have a campaign to remind workers about prevention and public health measures and that this form is one of the measures to prevent spreading COVID in their facilities.


Shuyee Lee/CJAD 800


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