Exponential with Amanda Lang

Amanda Lang

Exponential with Amanda Lang explores the worlds of business, technology, sociology and art, delving into how they intertwine with each other. Lang has been covering business news in North America for 20 years, beginning her journalism career at The Globe and Mail and then the National Post, before moving into television with ROBTV, CNN and BNN.

  • Exponential: The Opioid Crisis

    Amanda Lang speaks to Benjamin Perrin (a professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia) about the ‘other’ issue in Canada (beyond the pandemic), the Opioid Crisis killing thousands across the country.
  • Exponential: Heather Reisman

    A clear and candid conversation on what should have happened from the start with COVID 19. Amanda Lang speaks to Heather Reisman (Chief Executive and founder of Indigo Books and Music)
  • Exponential: 215 Children

    Amanda Lang speaks to Dr. Cindy Blackstock (Executive Director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada) about the recent discovery of the ‘mass grave’ of 215 children beneath a former residential school in B.C.
  • Exponential: Dr Warner

    Amanda Lang speaks to Dr Michael Warner (Medical Director of Critical Care at Michael Garron Hospital) about a true front line doctors' perspective of how the Covid19 Pandemic has gone. His voice, his wisdom, and yes, his struggle.
  • Exponential: Civil Freedom With COVID

    Amanda talks to Michael Bryant (Head of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association) about…one of the unpleasant side effects of a pandemic is that suddenly tonnes of government and medical types are telling us what we can and cannot do. Most of us are willing to do what we’re told but for those keeping a sharp eye on our civil rights, it is a time to be vigilant.
  • Exponential: Credit Rules

    Amanda Lang talks to Dennis Kelleher (President and CEO at Better Markets) about how after the credit crisis that threatened the global system back in 2008, a lot of new rules were put in place to make things safer and the banks behave better. So, after all these years, is the system safer…or not?
  • Exponential: Tax the Wealthy/Investments

    Amanda Lang talks to Toby Sanger (Executive Director at Canadians For Tax Fairness) governments all over are in need of new cash and Canada is no exception. President Biden is stoking an old debate on raising taxes on capital gains. It also digs up an old debate on why investments are given a tax break?
  • Expontential - Budget

    Amanda Lang speaks to Goldy Hyder (President CEO Business Council of Canada) about the Federal governments first budget in 2 years. Big spending and big ticket items. Its promise is to create growth and pay for itself but is that a valid promise?
  • Exponential - Frank Giustra

    Amanda Lang talks to Frank Giustra (Canadian businessman, founded Lionsgate Entertainment/CEO of Fiore Group of Companies) about is recent philenthropic focus, including his partnership with Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal Musk to launch the ‘Million Garden’s movement’
  • Exponential: Armine Yalnizyan

    In this episode of Exponential… Amanda Lang speaks to Armine Yalnizyan (Canadian Economist/Writer) about how hard woman in the work force have been hit during this economy and the newly formed task force on Women in the Economy as she coined the phrase “SHE-session”.