Special Holiday Programming

December 1st Paul Reid Christmas 7p-10p 
December 8th A Christmas Carol featuring Patrick Stewart 7p-9p
December 15th Miracle on 34th Street 7p-9p 
December 17-19th Santa joins Andrew Carter and Aaron Rand each day (7:05AM & 6:35PM) 
December  20 & 21 Christmas Classics 7p to 10p 
December 22nd It’s A Wonderful Life 7p-9p 
December 23rd Christmas Classics 7p-11p 
December 24th CJAD 800’s Santa Watch – after top-of-hour newscasts from 6a-9p. 
December 24th It’s A Wonderful Life 6p-8p 
December 24th Paul Reid Christmas 8p-11p 
December 25th The Gift of Christmas 12a-8a 
December 25th A Christmas Carols featuring Patrick Stewart 8a-10a 
December 25th Miracle on 34th Street 10a-noon 
December 25th Christmas Classics 12p-4p 
December 25th Paul Reid Christmas 4p-7p 
December 25th The Gift of Christmas 7p-12a 
December 26th The Gift of Christmas 12a-6a