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Seasoned political journalist and national affairs specialist Evan Solomon brings his passion for breaking news and storytelling to in-depth interviews with national and international newsmakers from the worlds of politics, sports and entertainment.

  • Hour 2 of The Bill Carroll Show for January 3rd, 2020

    Mark Gayowski survived two days in the backcountry of Monashee Mountains after getting lost on an out-of-bounds trail. He joins Bill Carroll to tell his harrowing story. Also, why has the City of Winnipeg sent a clothing store a cease and desist letter?

  • Hour 1 of The Bill Carroll Show for January 3rd, 2020

    The United States took out Iran's top general in an airstrike. Iran and their allies vow revenge. Could there be a vaccine to prevent dementia? Dr. Mitch Schulman, Bell Media's Medical Correspondent, believes we are still many years away. Later, a family was kicked off a flight after their daughter threw up on the plane. The airline's response is poorly surprising.

  • Hour 2 of The Evan Solomon Show for January 2nd, 2020

    Dr. Mitch Schulman, Bell Media's Medical Correspondent, says a new tool that could detect breast cancer faster and easier is promising. However, he adds that more testing is needed. Later, will the cannabis industry blossom in 2020 or will it go up in smoke? Plus, we hear from a couple of kids have invented a product that helps hockey-crazed players to practice their shots.

  • Hour 1 of The Evan Solomon Show for January 2nd, 2020

    Should Huawei still be considered for the development of Canada's 5G network? The United States and Australia have shut the door on including the Chinese telecom to be part of their 5G networks. Jon Pole, filling in for Evan Solomon, believes 'open office plans' are BAD for productivity. Later, what are a passenger's rights IF their luggage gets damaged? And finally, Adam Sandler's latest flick has got a lot of buzz, but will it appeal to the average movie-goer?

  • Hour 1 of Ottawa Now for December 31st, 2019

    Does attaching a warning label to the front of food packaging help shoppers buy healthier foods? Also, Mr. Hollywood drops by with his Top 5 BEST and WORST movies of 2019. It's the cat's meow!

  • Hour 2 of The Evan Solomon Show for December 30th, 2019

    The price of food is expected to go up in 2020, leaving many Canadians looking at different ways to save money. We wonder if an interaction on social media between NHLer Anthony Beauvillier and Anna Kendrick is CUTE or CREEPY? The ladies, for the most part, believe it IS cute. Later, can you sue someone who is dead? The better question would be: "can you sue somebody's estate?" Also, if you're in charge of hiring, do you put the applicant through a job audition and make them do a project?

  • Hour 1 of The Evan Solomon Show for December 30th, 2019

    Jon Pole is sitting in the host's chair today. They're forecasting a shortage of truck drivers in the near future. If you could, would you want to make a living driving a big-rig? Justin Bieber hates the new Tim Horton's coffee lids... and many agree with the Biebs. Also, do you get a pet (like a dog or a cat) even if you and your spouse CANNOT agree? 

  • Hour 2 of The Bill Carroll show from December 27, 2019

    Bill speaks with a vet about what can happen if your pet consumes cannabis. Brian Lilley joins us with the story of an 8-year-old who believes the world is ending after being shown Greta Thunberg’s viral UN speech at school.

  • Hour 1 of The Bill Carroll Show for December 27, 2019

    Bill is less than impressed with the new Star Wars movie. We hear from a woman who bought fake Air Pods at Canadian Tire. Are DNA test kits for Christmas really a good idea? We speak to an expert. There’s a shortage of truckers in Canada. Bill speaks takes some calls from professionals on whether it’s a good job.

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