Trudeau Airport pulls ads from company helping travellers get compensation for flight problems

Flight delays

A local company that helps air passengers get compensation for flight problems has had their ads pulled by the airport authority at Trudeau Airport.

Aéroports de Montreal (ADM) said in a statement to CJAD 800 News that they didn't want to create a conflict between the airlines and passengers so they pulled the ads from

It also said the ads didn't meet their norms even though they had signed the $73,000 deal back in April. ceo and co-founder Jacob Charbonneau said that's not what they were told by ADM's ad agency which said it was because of pressure from the airlines. 

Charbonneau said Pearson Airport in Toronto rejected them outright, saying the ads would cause confusion with the pending passengers` bill of rights.

"We think that we should be able to publicize in public places because after all, we are just helping customers and consumers to defend their rights based on international law," said Charbonneau.

"I think the impact will be on the customer because they obviously want to keep the passenger blind so they don't claim for compensation, so obviously at the end of the day, we think it's the customer that is losing money."

The ads only started running last week.

They advertise payouts of up to $1800 per passenger linked to delayed or cancelled flights. The company takes a 25 per cent cut of any compensation settlement.

Charbonneau said they're asking the federal transport minister and transportation agency to intervene and they're also looking at what their legal options are.

ADM said they run Transport Canada videos about passengers rights at the Trudeau airport terminal.