YOUR STORY: Family trying to fight forced relocation of seniors at Verdun long term care home


Another family is speaking out against the forced relocation of 22 seniors at the CHSLD Champlain in Verdun to make way for more short term care beds - and they want to try to fight it.

CJAD 800 first reported a week ago that the entire first floor of the CHSLD Champlain would have to move out by Christmas to accomodate short term care patients.

Kim Robertson's mother has been already moved three times since 2016 while at the CHSLD Champlain.

"I know this is going to affect her. She will bounce back but it won't be like she should be and it will take months," said Robertson who contacted

"We're still in a pandemic - how safe is all of this?"

Robertson's family is consulting with a lawyer and wants to try to rally other families to fight and have their loved ones stay put. 

"To me, it just makes no sense. I don't understand the reasoning behind kicking 22 people out who are COVID-free in a center that is COVID-free and they're all comfortable there, to move them into locations that are possibly - and the ones that I've checked out - are not COVID free," said Robertson.

The regional health agency has said they are following public health guidelines and they'll provide support to patients.

Paul Brunet of the Quebec Council for the Protection of Patients said bureaucratic decisions can't be made in a vacuum.

"What about the home? And the people who feel that they are home? That you want to move (not caring) what they feel about it?" said Brunet.

"You are not doing something good for the actual patient. It is their home."