$100,000 Name That Sound #3 Guesses

100k Name That Sound Incorrect Guesses Trending CJAY 92 Calgary

The THIRD $100,000 Name That Sound has not been guessed yet!

Here are all the incorrect guesses so far:


Thursday, March 19:
4:30 PM - Darren guessed 'closing a cupboard'
5:30 PM - Don guessed 'a door closing'
6:30 PM - Corey guessed 'dead bolt on a door'
7:30 PM - Angela guessed 'a book dropping'

Friday March 20
6:30 AM - Duncan guessed 'deadbolt lock'
7:30 AM - Jamie guessed 'dropping a book on a desk'
8:30 AM - Dan guessed 'hole punch'
9:30 AM - Austin guessed 'washing machine'
10:30 AM - Darla guessed "closing the latch on a lunch box"
11:30 AM - Jordan guessed "a door closing on itself" 
12:30 PM - Brandon guessed "a door slamming"
1:30 PM - Craig guessed "a typewriter key"
2:30 PM - Chris guessed 'a bin door on a utility vehicle'
3:30 PM - Natasha guessed 'swatting a fly with a fly swatter'
4:30 PM - Tyler guessed 'popping a pill bottle open'
5:30 PM - Kelly guessed 'closing a door'
6:30 PM - Tim guessed 'opening a can of pringles' 
7:30 PM - Denise guessed 'closing a glovebox'

Monday March 23
6:30 AM - Kenny guessed 'closing a book'
7:30 AM - Ryan guessed 'closing a window'
8:30 AM - Outdoorsy guy guessed 'Tree getting chopped down with an axe'
9:30 AM - Dave guessed 'ventilator decompressing' 
10:30 AM - Austin guessed "cocking a nerf gun" 
11:30 AM - Don guessed "an air nailer"
12:30 PM - Shawn guessed "closing the lid on baby wipes" 
1:30 PM - Sheena guessed "closing a laptop"
2:30 PM - Travis guessed 'dropping a book on a desk'
3:30 PM - James guessed 'opening the lid on a to-go cup'
4:30 PM - Clay guessed 'closing a door'
5:30 PM - Wanda guessed 'a horse clip clopping'
6:30 PM - Amber guessed 'pulling paper towel out of the dispenser'
7:30 PM - Kris guessed 'when you hit the flippers on a pinball machine'

Tuesday March 24
6:30 AM - Ashley guessed 'ripping toilet paper from the roll'
7:30 AM - Anthony guessed 'slapping a deck of cards together'
8:30 AM - Garret guessed 'opening a can'
9:30 AM - Schmenski guessed 'opening a jar'
10:30 AM - Cody guessed "latching a door lock" 
11:30 AM - Joey guessed "closing a fridge door"
12:30 PM - Bradley guessed "pulling kleenex out of a box"
1:30 PM - Sean guessed "shutting a patio door" 
2:30 PM - Tyler guessed 'shuffling a deck of cards'
3:30 PM - Ken guessed 'holding two magnets close, and then they stick together'
4:30 PM - Pam guessed 'closing a microwave door'
5:30 PM - Reginald guessed 'swiping a credit card'
6:30 PM - Robin guessed 'turning page in a novel'
7:30 PM - Gary guessed 'cutting produce on a cutting board'

Wednesday March 25
6:30 AM - Sherman guessed 'windshield wipers on a truck'
7:30 AM - David guessed 'putting the battery onto a cordless drill'"
8:30 AM - Kasey guessed 'making a balloon animal'
9:30 AM - Todd guessed 'clipboard snapping'
10:30 AM - Bonnie guessed "unwrapping a chocolate bar" 
11:30 AM - Sheryl guessed "an electric staple gun"
12:30 PM - Brett guessed "latches on a briefcase" 
1:30 PM - Victor guessed "blowing open an envelope"
2:30 PM - Adam guessed 'closing the overhead compartment on an airplane'
3:30 PM - Tim guessed 'power locks on a car'
4:30 PM - Laura guessed 'closing a binder'
5:30 PM - Michelle guessed 'locking an IPhone'
6:30 PM - Alex guessed 'bouncing on a pogo stick' 
7:30 PM - Amber guessed 'opening a pill bottle'

Thursday March 26
6:30 AM - Xaviers Dad guessed 'closing the rings on a binder'
7:30 AM - Geoff guessed 'a freshly caught fish slapping around on a stack of TPS reports'
8:30 AM - Matty guessed 'flipping through a magazine"
9:30 AM - Rich guessed 'camera shutter closing'
10:30 AM - Sean guessed "closing the door on a medicine cabinet"
11:30 AM - Hanan guessed "a toaster popping up"
12:30 PM - Dan guessed "shaking open a garbage bag"
1:30 PM - Jeremy guessed "a car door closing"
2:30 PM - Paige guessed 'a nail gun'
3:30 PM - Joe guessed 'closing a lid on a hand sanitizer bottle'
4:30 PM - Jeremy guessed 'a Swiffer wet-jet hitting the floor'
5:30 PM - Dennis guessed 'a pellet gun'
6:30 PM - Pam guessed 'pumping purell' 
7:30 PM - Sean guessed 'setting the drawer on an office desk' 

Friday March 27
6:30 AM -  Issacguessed 'opening a new box of kleenex'
7:30 AM - Brett guessed 'dropping a phone book on a desk'
8:30 AM - Ian guessed 'dropping a remote on a coffee table'
9:30 AM - Cory guessed "closing a tupperware lid on a ziploc"
10:30 AM - Victoria guessed "closing the lid on a tupperware container"
11:30 AM - Nikki guessed "peeling a sticky note off a sticky pad"
12:30 PM - Adam guessed "closing the crisper in a fridge"
1:30 PM - Anna guessed "closing a baby gate"
2:30 PM - Brett guessed 'closing my glove box'
3:30 PM - Sheryl guessed 'firing a paintball gun'
4:30 PM - Kirstyn guessed 'pulling a rubber or medical glove from the box'
5:30 PM - Zac guessed 'a deep freeze opening'
6:30 PM - Amber guessed 'pulling/snapping a rubber glove' 
7:30 PM - Tim guessed 'Tim being locked in the trunk of a car' 

Monday March 30
6:30 AM -  Neil guessed 'turning a deadbolt of a door'
7:30 AM  - Sheryl guessed 'closing a keurig'
8:30 AM - Tim guessed 'dart hitting a dart board'
9:30 AM - Brandon guessed 'dart hitting a dart board'
10:30 AM - Ryan guessed "a spring loaded door stop"
11:30 AM - Holly guessed "shaking out/snapping a towel"
12:30 PM - Sarah guessed "closing the shutters on a window"
1:30 PM - Jane guessed "air being let out of a balloon"
2:30 PM - Patrick guessed 'slamming the receiver down on an old school phone'
3:30 PM - Roxanne guessed 'the second hand on a clock ticking'
4:30 PM - Rod guessed 'closing a cupboard door'
5:30 PM - Melissa guessed 'a hammer hitting a nail'
6:30 PM - Kristina guessed 'closing a cassette player'
7:30 PM - Laura guessed 'locking a safe'

Tuesday March 31

6:30 AM - Matt guessed 'closing the hood of a car'
7:30 AM - Allison guessed 'old school mouse clicking'
8:30 AM - Tim guessed 'first shuffle in a deck of cards'
9:30 AM - Jeff guessed 'closing an umbrella'
10:30 AM - Cody guessed "a time card punch clock"
11:30 AM - Rich guessed "throwing a breaker switch"
12:30 PM - Todd guessed "the lever on an office chair"
1:30 PM - Max guessed "a paper cutter"
2:30 PM - Shawn guessed 'when you close your garbage can lid after you take your foot off the pedal'
3:30 PM - Dan guessed 'a signal light resetting in your car'
4:30 PM - Cody guessed 'hanging up a gas nozzle'
5:30 PM - Kory guessed 'opening a Pillsbury dough tube' 
6:30 PM - Mike guessed 'a vehicle sunroof closing'
7:30 PM - William guessed 'a pneumatic air stapler'

Wednesday April 1st
6:30 AM - Frank guessed 'closing an iphone'
7:30 AM - Corrine guessed 'stacking papers on a desk'
8:30 AM - Jer guessed 'flipping through the pages of a book'
9:30 AM - Dan guessed 'arrow hitting the target'
10:30 AM - Diane guessed 'dropping an egg'
11:30 AM - Melissa guessed 'opening a package of toilet tissue'
12:30 PM - Diane guessed 'newspaper slamming on the doorstep' 
1:30 PM -  Amber guessed - 'breaking styrofoam' 
2:30 PM - Warren guessed 'closing a glove compartment'
3:30 PM - Natasha guessed 'throwing keys on the table'
4:30 PM - Morgan guessed 'closing an eye glasses case'
5:30 PM - Daniel guessed 'dropping a bag of ice'
6:30 PM - Nikki guessed 'paper being ripped off a notepad' 
7:30 PM - Sergio guessed 'closing the lid on a camping cooler' 

Thursday April 2nd
6:30 AM - Brian guessed 'a lazy boy locking in'
7:30 AM - Kellie guessed 'taking a wax strip off your leg'
8:30 AM - David guessed 'putting a shovel in snow'
9:30 AM - Chad guessed 'electric stapler'
10:30 AM - Melissa guessed "closing the drawer on a printer"
11:30 AM - Jason guessed "closing the trunk of your car"
12:30 PM - Gordon guessed "a latch on a gate"
1:30 PM - Birthday girl Nena guessed "opening a mason jar" 
2:30 PM - Todd guessed 'opening a bag of cookies'
3:30 PM - Pam guessed 'snapping fingers'
4:30 PM - James guessed 'clipping a cell phone into a belt clip
5:30 PM - David guessed 'opening a box of Kleenex'
6:30 PM - Darren guessed 'something frozen being dropped on the ground' 
7:30 PM - Cheryl guessed 'an electric kettle after finishes boiling water' 

Friday April 3rd
6:30 AM - Kevin guessed 'closing a shower door'
7:30 AM - Rob guessed 'closing a trunk'
8:30 AM - Matt guessed 'closing the lid on a lysol wipe container' 
9:30 AM - Danny guessed 'power locks in a car'
10:30 AM - Graham guessed "flicking/shuffling a deck of cards"
11:30 AM - Darla guessed "the spring in the toilet paper holder when you change the roll"
12:30 PM - Corey guessed "the reaction of a bumper in a pinball machine"
1:30 PM - Christine guessed "opening your car door against a curb"
2:30 PM - Jenna guessed 'snapping an elastic on a rolled up poster'
3:30 PM - Deano guessed 'dropping the soap'
4:30 PM - Sean guessed 'opening or closing a ziplock bag'
5:30 PM - Meagan guessed 'closing a book'
6:30 PM - Desirae guessed 'turning off a TV'
7:30 PM - Brandon guessed 'snapping the back of a remote'

Our Jackpot is now: $8400

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