David Lee Roth Has Changed His Name ( so have the dixie chicks)


One of the singers for Van Halen, David Lee Roth went to his social media to say he changed his name and will now be called David L. Roth. (pronounced eL).

We're not sure why David did this, it may have had something to to do with the Black Lives Matter movement, it could be in a serious tone or an attempt at a joke. With David, I'm not even sure he knows. Now Roth has always been a little weird but i'm a fan and you can read more on the name change here and check out David at his best below. 

David may have done this aswell in regards to the The Dixie Chicks dropping their first name Dixie who now go by "The Chicks." Sounds like a punk bands name however The Chicks have always had somewhat of a punk attitude (in a good way) and they released a song on par with a Rage Against The Machine type attitude in terms of lyrics, the song is called March which you can watch below.  Read more on The Chicks announcement here


Chris Foord