Druh Farrell announces she's not running for re-election

Calgary's Ward 7 councillor Druh Farrell announced in an article Monday that she won't run for re-elction as Ward 7 councillor in October

Calgary Councillor Druh Farrell announced in a published blog post Monday that she won't be running for her council seat this coming October.

The announcement was buried at the bottom of a blog post Farrell published about the growth of Calgary's East Village over the past 15 years, and her vision for what downtown Calgary could become.

Two paragraphs from the bottom, Farrell added, "I won't be running for re-election this fall. It won't be me championing our downtown into the coming decades. We need bold leadership around our council table to ensure our downtown is transformed into a true community where people want to live, work, learn, and play for years to come.

"City-building is no easy task," she added, "but after 20 years around the council table, I can tell you it is worth it."

Farrell was elected to council in 2001, representing Ward 7.

A number of Farrell's colleagues paid tribute to her on Twitter, including Counc. Jyoti Gondek, who is running for mayor in October, and Counc. Jeff Davison.

Druh - you’ve poured your heart into this city. You’ve taught us to stay committed to the vision of an optimistic and inclusive future. Thank you for your service & your friendship in the short time we’ve served together. #yyccc https://t.co/Eg6OVA9G1i

— Jyoti Gondek (@JyotiGondek) February 23, 2021

You always know where Druh stands on an issue, which in politics is admirable. No BS – just authenticity and genuineness in all she does.

We haven’t always agreed, but I can say that I’ve learned to be a better public servant from her. All the best, @DruhFarrell! #yyccc #Calgary

— Jeff Davison (@JeffDavisonYYC) February 23, 2021