Another Big Week For NFTs From Slipknot, Zion Williamson, and ...Charmin Toilet Paper?


This NFT thing isn’t going away, you guys.

After we told you on Monday about Matt Tkachuk being the first hockey player to get in on the non-fungible token game, there was plenty more notable NFT action this week.

Clown from Slipknot.



Zion Williamson and Slam! teamed up for one.



The biggest pop star in the world decided to offer one up.



Charmin toilet paper wants in.



Oh, and a Canadian designer sold a digital house on Mars, for $616,132. Yes, really

Might be time for some Jesse & JD NFTs, for the Kids Fund or something.



Still confused? All good, me too. Here’s a decent read on non-fungible tokens, and why they could be a really good thing for rock artists.