Bill Belichick Isn't In Madden Video Games, And That's No Surprise


No Belichick In Madden? Here's Why.

…I’m playing Madden the other day, and I’m absolutely WRECKING the New England Patriots with my Buffalo Bills (playing pretend hurts way more than real life, man), and I notice that Bill Belichick isn’t on the sidelines for the Pats. Instead, it’s some coach who looks absolutely nothing like him. I can remember noticing this before, in other incarnations of Madden. And it turns out, the reason why? CLASSIC Belichick:

Winston Churchill's Badass Doctor's Note

…how’s this for a boss move? Sir Winston Churchill got a doctor’s note so that he could drink “unlimited alcohol” while in America during Prohibition:

Delonge On Rogan?

…and finally, why did no one tell me Tom from blink-182 was on Joe Rogan’s podcast? And also, kudos to Rogan for doing his best to keep a straight face.

Oh, and sounds like Kanye’s gonna do the podcast, too. Should be interesting!

Spoke with Joe Rogan Podcast coming soon🔥🔥🔥

— ye (@kanyewest) January 1, 2019