Calgary's First Gluten-Free Brewery Opens This Weekend!


Miley Cyrus Covered NIN For Black Mirror

I dunno, maybe I’m wrong. I’ve been wrong before. But, I really liked the latest season of Black Mirror. Sure, it was shorter than I’d have liked (only THREE episodes, Charlie Booker?!), but the writing was still sharp, albeit not as dark as we’ve grown accustomed to. They also decided to take aim at current technology, as opposed to futuristic takes on technology. And, they took on some big ones. Virtual reality video games, social media, ride-sharing, and artificial intelligence. 

But, the Internet’s reaction has been mixed, with many critics wondering if the show’s lost its bite:

What’d you think? Has one of the rawest shows in all of television gone soft? Or, did this season do it for you? Let me know.

What I think we can all agree on is that Miley Cyrus absolutely CRUSHED this Nine Inch Nails cover in episode 3, “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too”.

Ready for season 6 now.

Calgary’s First Gluten-Free Brewery Opens This Weekend

There’s roughly one billion breweries in Calgary, for those keeping score at home. It’s been really cool to see craft beer explode locally, with so many great backstories, gimmicks, locations, features, and options. And, as of this Friday, add another one to the growing list. Heathen’s Brewing opens this coming weekend, and they’re the answer to a problem a lot of Calgary’s gluten-intolerant population has been having. Gluten-free craft beer has officially arrived:

Mark Scheifele Has No Off-Switch

And finally, offseason? THERE IS NO OFFSEASON. At least, not when you’re Mark Scheifele. The Winnipeg Jets forward might’ve been playing shinny with some kids the other day, but that didn’t stop him from unleashing a bomb on a young tendy. 

Savage. ​