Calgary's Got A Basketball Team, And They're Touring The City!


Meet the Calgary Surge! The basketball team tips off next spring, up at Winsport!



And, they're going on tour this month!



Some very cool words from one of the team owners, Jason Ribeiro, in the Calgary Herald this week: 

Usman Tahir Jutt and I are thrilled to be partnering with the Canadian Elite Basketball League, the largest pro sports league by number of teams in the country. As sons of immigrants, the pride we feel in helping grow Canadian basketball is immense. The CEBL features the highest percentage of Canadian players of any pro league in the country, with 71 per cent of its 2022 rosters being Canadian.

Usman and I have spent years dedicated to building community. We view the Surge as a continuation of our passions for supporting youth, furthering economic development, showcasing art and culture, and creating belonging.