Here's The Five Things You Need To Know About Yesterday's Apple Event


5 Things You Need To Know About Yesterday’s Apple Event

Those Apple events can be pretty overwhelming. A lot of new stuff rolled out, a lot of hype around them, a bit of a struggle to try and figure out what’s smoke/mirrors and what’s actually worthy of your excitement, and a sea of Android users, screaming about how, "you’re an Apple SHEEP!”. So, let’s try and wade through it all, with the five things you need to know about yesterday’s Apple announcement, courtesy of The Verge:

I’m Playing New Green Day & Weezer Today

Man, screw Krys, Reaper, and Diamond Jay. 

All very nice people, don’t get me wrong. But yesterday, all of those jerks got to play new Green Day, and new Weezer. Perhaps you’ve heard, both of those bands released new music yesterday, while announcing a co-headlining stadium tour, with support from Fall Out Boy, and The Interrupters. More on that tour, HERE:

Oh, and about that new music. I’m gonna play the new Green Day a couple of times this morning, and if you didn’t know it was Green Day going in, I’m not sure you’d be able to guess the artist. Very different stuff from Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt & Tre Cool.

Also, gonna play that new Weezer a couple of times today, too. If you get a distinct Van Halen kinda vibe off of it, you’re not alone. That’s actually what they’re calling the album, ‘Van Weezer’.

Oh, and new Fall Out Boy, just for good measure. Not sure if we’ll play this one on the show. Get at me if you wanna hear it on CJAY.

Poirier/McGregor II, Please.

And finally, please, please, please. Make this happen, UFC.

In case you're unfamiliar with their first encounter, here's Conor breaking it down. This really was the start of things getting really crazy, and really fun for MMA fans in the McGregor era. 

This dude used to be awesome. Here's hoping he can find his form again. Dustin seems like the perfect guy to help Conor find his stride again.