Jake Paul Has His Next Fight, And It's Against Another Former UFC Fighter

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He’s done it again.

Jake Paul continues his hostile/obnoxious takeover of the fight game, booking another fight against a former UFC fighter.



In case you’re playing catchup here, Paul is a professional shithead from YouTube, who KO’d former UFC fighter Ben Askren a couple of months back.

And Woodley? One of the top 5 UFC welterweights ever, probably. And a former champ. But one that’s fallen on hard times, losing four straight, and having been recently cut by the UFC.

And they do have a bit of history, as T-Wood was in Askren’s corner for his fight against Paul.

I dunno, I’m less mad at it than I maybe should be. Probably because there’s a greater likelihood that Paul gets shut off here. And, because according to Woodley, he’s gonna get paid, like never before. So that’s good news. 

And I don’t care how much of a step he seems to have lost (against the very best of the best in the world, for the record!), don’t you dare sleep on a guy who’s done shit like this.

The circus continues.