Johnny Gaudreau And Milan Lucic Have Been Using Their Free Time In Two Very Different Ways

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There’s basically two schools of thought when it comes to all of this free time that COVID-19 and self-isolation have given us. You either crush a bunch of TV, or try to keep your ass in shape. And now, an. Example of each, from your Calgary Flames. 

Crushing TV? Milan Lucic, who destroyed HBO’s Game of Thrones, like the series had taken a run at one of his teammates on the ice.

(Just for the record, not implying that Looch is out of shape. God knows I’m not looking to get my ass kicked, for implying that one of the biggest, scariest guys in hockey is spending this pandemic getting chubby.)

You know who’s keeping his ass in shape? Johnny Gaudreau, who tells the Calgary Sun about what he’s been up to back home in New Jersey. 

“I’m out in the middle of the country here in New Jersey at my parents’ house, so I’ve been riding the bike a lot and my dad has me and my brother outside chopping trees down,” the 26-year-old left-winger said in a phone interview Friday. “I think we have enough firewood to last us for four years.

“We’ve been staying active for the most part, for not being allowed to go anywhere or do anything. But it gets a bit old after a while. I wake up every morning hearing the chainsaw and I’m like, ‘Yep, better get outside or else dad is going to be inside pulling me out of bed.’ 

Hopefully, this blog motivated you today! To either get out there and chop some wood (metaphorically, or literally)…or to finally sit down in front of your Crave TV, and see what the Game of Thrones hype was all about.