LISTEN: Nirvana Goes Electronic...For A Good Cause


What if Nirvana went techno?

It’s no longer a hypothetical. Or, at least, it’s less of one than it was before. A group called TECHROW have decided to put their dance spin on some Nirvana classics, and it sounds like this:

And before you hate all over it, try keeping an open mind. And also, keep in mind that this is for a great cause. More, from Louder Sound:

The work of electronic music producers Jonathan Hay, Cain McKnight, and 41x, Nirvana Reimagined As House & Techno, features contributions from Pink Floyd saxophonist Scott Page and Fishbone bassist John Norwood Fisher among others. In addition to showcasing Cobain’s songwriting skills, the album has been created to highlight Cobain’s status as an LGBTQ+ advocate.

According to a statement, “the album features 27 songs to honour the 27 years since Kurt Cobain's death and the 27 years he lived with meaningful purpose, inspiring the world to change. The electronic musical project is committed to further helping Cobain's unapologetic narrative of LGBTQ+ visibility, advancement and advocating for victims of rape and sexual abuse.”

All proceeds from Nirvana Reimagined As House & Techno will be donated to charitable organisations, including GLAAD and MusiCares, to support the wellbeing of marginalised communities.

If you’d like to hear more, the whole album’s on Spotify and Apple Music.