LISTEN: One Of Chester Bennington's Final Recordings Has Just Been Released


One Of Chester Bennington's Final Recordings Has Just Been Released

It's gotta be hard, losing a friend like Chester Bennington. It was hard for us as fans, imagine what his peers and friends had to deal with. Equally as hard? Trying to figure out what to do with the music he'd made, but hadn't released. That's what Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton was up against, a dude who'd just recorded a song for his solo record that featured Chester on vocals. Well, that song has seen the light of day after all, made available on Morton's soon-to-be-released solo effort:

Morton talks more about the collaboration HERE. His full album's out March 1st.

Here's The Future Of Grocery Stores

Until yesterday, I had no idea that fifty cents from every online dollar spent is spent on Amazon. So, it makes sense that other retailers would be looking to clap back. Including Microsoft, and Kroger (America's largest grocery store chain). They've rolled out two hi-tech grocery stores, set to go head to head with Amazon, who just partnered up with Whole Foods (and apparently plans on rolling out 3,000 AmazonGo stores across the United States). Interesting stuff, and it gives us a look at what the future of the grocery store may look like:

Three Big Tweets From Yesterday

And finally, here's three tweets from yesterday that require your attention. First, Sean Payton laying out some motivation for his New Orleans Saints heading into this weekend's NFL playoff action.

Then, the NHL All-Star jerseys being revealed, and not sucking.

And finally, the greatest out-of-office notification you'll ever see. Enjoy vacation, Reap!